When Push Comes to Shove

Some days I need a giant push and not-so-gentle shove in the right direction.  A few days ago, at 8:00 pm, Mom and Dad dropped off their Kubota at our house.  The next day, it would have to be driven to the car lot to be sold. The sun was starting to sink, and we had maybe one hour left of daylight.  I watched as the Kubota was unloaded off the trailer and then trotted back inside, ready for a cup of tea, a book, and relaxing.  But Josh had other plans: WORK!  I looked at him.  Seriously?  It’s almost dark.  I’m tired.  Work can wait. I have other important *cough* stuff to do!  But I also knew that this was our only chance to use it.  Ugh.  I guess I’ll help…kinda.

What I dreaded turned out to be a blast. Josh started by knocking over some old rotten stumps under my amazing supervision.  🙂



And then the empty seat that you see was filled by me as I got to operate the Kubota while we loaded up the huge stumps. I felt pretty important, lol.

DSC_3038The best part was when our neighbor, pretty much a city slicker, came home and her eyes and smile were huge when she saw the tractor in the middle of the city and yours truly operating it!  🙂  ‘Twas priceless!

The last moments of daylight were spent with the three of us (Josh, me and Codi) piled on, putzing around the back of our property, pushing brush, moving dirt, etc.

Just goes to show you that when push comes to shove, fun things just might happen!


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4 Responses to When Push Comes to Shove

  1. Doreen says:

    These things often turn out to be fun! Or at least invigorating 🙂 John usually has to get me to leave the inside work to work outside instead, too. And it is rather refreshing!

  2. Irene says:

    Sweet! I operated a Kubota one summer a few years ago when I worked on a farm for a few weeks – so much fun!

  3. lol oh Ange, I can totally see you on the Kubota! Good for you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow Ange!
    You have got talent in all areas haven’t you!!! Wish there was a picture of you on it!! haha


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