The Couch: before and after

The best part of a blog post is the before and after picture.

So I’ll show them and then tell you the specifics.

Both “before” pictures are lousy, but you’ll get an idea of what the couch was like.


The cushions were hunter green, but in excellent condition. They were firm but comfy.


The couch had a sturdy, wood frame. The color was an orangey medium brown.


Paint and fabric do a lot!



It may seem quite grey, but I have plenty of plans that will add pizazz around the couch.

The details of the wooden frame:

-3 to 4 layers of chalk paint (we had a free quart of white paint and mixed it with plaster of Paris using this recipe from Lowe’s)

-a coat of paste finishing wax made by Minwax.

The details of the decorative cushions:

-Pottery Barn, feather-filled.  I found them at Goodwill in great condition and it was easy to take off the covers and give them a good washing.

The details of the couch cushions:

-upholstery fabric from Joanne’s Fabric (I got a major discount because it was 50% off and then I had a teacher’s discount on top of it)

-since I’m not the greatest with a sewing machine and upholstery, I cheated when I covered the green cushions using this blog’s idea.



-a satisfying project

-the grey cushion covers can be taken off and washed

-didn’t have to buy a new couch

-the total cost was around $100

-the grey is neutral and so I can change the decorative cushions for a different look


-it was quite labour intensive (cushions around 9 hours, wood base about 6 hours)

-the grey covers aren’t perfect and I notice little mistakes

-the couch cannot be placed away from the wall due to the back of the cushions

-the chalk paint was a little difficult to get used to.  Not sure if I’ll use that recipe again.


Well, that’s it, folks.

You will see more pics of it when I finish the room and take “beauty” shots of everything.


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7 Responses to The Couch: before and after

  1. Lora says:

    Looks great Ange! Nice and fresh! The end results are great but I totally get the amount of work it is to redo a couch like that. I love the pillow cover idea! I was going to ask you about your newly found upholstery skills, ;). Have you used ASCP chalk paint? How does it compare with your mix? I found ASCP super easy to work with but the waxing was a BIG job. I bought Annie Sloane’s soft wax and I guess I put too much on so it was sore muscle work to buff it all out to make it smooth instead of sticky. Here’s the link to my chalk paint project.

    • Thanks, Lora. I haven’t used ASCP chalk paint, so I’m not sure how it compares. I’m thinking that it might be better. And I agree that waxing isn’t the most fun thing to do. But it’s all worth it in the end! 🙂

  2. kmdutchlife says:

    I still love it Ange! It’s great! Wish we coiuld work on things together. That would be so much fun seeing as we are both into it!

  3. Ange, it looks amazing! I remember sleeping on that couch once 🙂 Good idea to list the pros and cs. I like the removable covers trick. Can’ wait to see the whole room some day !

  4. Sandra says:

    WOW Ange, it looks amazing! I would never think of doing a whole couch, I think it’s way too daunting to start. But you did it, and you did it really well!

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