Summer Break has begun!

It hasn’t hit me yet: no more schedules, no more lesson plans, and lots of time for projects! Never mind that on my first day off, I got the flu and had to cancel my weekend trip to Canada.  😦

Today, Josh worked on our garden trellis that our pole beans will grow up. I can’t wait to show you once it’s finished (hopefully next week)!

For now, here’s a few pictures of our rhododendrons that we planted last fall.  The blossoms are now withering under the summer sun, but they were beautiful while they lasted. I love how the bright pink buds open up to white flowers….

DSC_4768 DSC_4769 DSC_4770 DSC_4771 DSC_4772 DSC_4774

And lest you are fooled into thinking that they’re bigger than they truly are, here’s a picture of them against the house. Can you spot them? I’m looking forward to the day they’ll reach our living room window, beautifying our indoor view.


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