What is Black, Plump, and Delicious?

Isn’t it so much easier to eat healthy during the summer?

When Josh and I first moved into our home on a chilly November day, we had no idea what was lurking inside the fenced area to the right of our shed:


When our first summer arrived, a surprise greeted us: plump, juicy black raspberries!


Year after year it has given us berries. Despite mowing it completely down the second year, it sprang up again and spread even more. In fact, the patch is getting quite unruly, trying to encroach into our yard and the area behind the shed. Eventually, I’d like to get rid of the fence and have a wide mulched path going down the center with some kind of fence or wire to hold the bushes in place (Josh and I have differing opinions on this idea, lol). Right now it’s a prickly, scratchy affair trying to get every ripe berry. My arms look like I’ve been rolling in barbed wire! But this year’s crop is a bumper one! We’ve picked 16 1/2 pounds, with many more berries still ripening.

DSC_5030 DSC_5033 DSC_5034

We still have some jam from last year in the freezer, so I’m not sure if we’ll be making more.  I’m thinking perhaps some syrup for waffles, some kind of cold berry soup, smoothies, and maybe some baked goods.  I struggle in the baked goods department because the berries are full of seeds (compared to raspberries).  I have an excellent strainer machine that easily takes out the seeds, but then I’m left with juice and pulp.  And how does one incorporate that into a baked good?  If you have any ideas, throw them this way……

Meanwhile, if I don’t pick up the phone, I’m in my rubber boots, pushing my way through thorns as I strive to not let one berry go to waste.  You can call me Dutch.

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3 Responses to What is Black, Plump, and Delicious?

  1. Joanne says:

    Eating healthier is easier in the summer with all the delicious seasonal fruit (…as I sit here munching Kettle salt & vinegar chips). What an ambitious busy beaver you are! How pulpy is the pulp? Could you make berry muffins or something? Muffins require you to just submerge the berries without much stirring, so if it’s not too watery, maybe that would work. Take care and happy berry picking!

  2. coletrain77 says:

    Oh, Ange! That brings back the memories of berry picking. I love a good vanilla ice-cream with blackberries… YUM! I guess that sort of gets rid of the healthy part, though. We have a mulberry tree in our neighbors yard but the berries are way too high for me to reach! I had a blackberry patch but cut it down and not it hasn’t done well for two years! Sigh. Happy berry picking!

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