A Long Awaited Project Finished

I’m back.  Seems like I say that a lot.  But what with getting ready for school and working on outdoor and indoor projects (before a rush of guests arrived), this blog has been neglected.  Nevertheless, I hope to have a few before and afters coming your way soon.  🙂


First up, stump grinding.  We’ve had numerous stumps rearing their ugly heads for years, and I’ve been wanting to call a stump-grinder man. Well, that problem was fixed. Some of the rotten ones Josh tackled with a good old ax and manpower.  But two buggers called for a pro: my father-in-law and a rented stump grinder:

DSC_5129 DSC_5130 DSC_5131 DSC_5132


Thanks, Dad!

Our property is continuing to shape up and dreams are slowly coming true.  Yesterday, Josh and I were Tarzans, yanking down vines that were strangling our trees along our woods. With those vines and some other brush we cleared up, we had a huge trailer load that we got rid of today.  I must say, Fall clean-up is quite satisfying.  I can’t wait to split some perennials and fuss with my peonies so that they’ll hopefully bloom next year.  Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the last of my veggies from our garden.  🙂

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