Family Room Update

My family room has slowly evolved over the past four years as I discovered which direction I wanted to head in.  I don’t really care that white and light is “in” right now, although I do like it in some of my rooms.  But I live in a winter-is-six-months area of the world, and I want a cozy, rich leather, smoke-your-pipe, brass, antiques, curl-up-with-a-good-book, keep-the-snow-storm-out, kind of room. I know it will take more tweaks and suitable finds, but this summer found me a little closer to the look I want.

One of my summer projects was to re-do a solid wood bookshelf that I had originally stained a light maple color before I was married.  The sunny wood tone totally clashed with the darker wood beams,  trim, and furniture.


Excuse the old picture. But that’s the bookshelf in the corner.

The sanding, stripping, staining, and varnishing took more hours than I realized it would (doesn’t that always happen?), but I’m happy with the results.



And here are a few pictures of the whole family room right now.  The three-armed lamp is a recent addition which I’m quite pleased with.  I’m thinking that I might add some leather trim to their shades.  Also, I made the window valances about five years ago, but they (along with the blinds) are coming down soon.  In their place will be long, cream curtains hung high (which I’ll sew with material I bought some time ago), and a roman blind for the square window.  The curtains will not only be more energy efficient, but the windows without blinds will let more sunlight and view in.  I know I have quite a bit of furniture packed into this somewhat small room, but I ‘m not sure what I would be willing to take out.


view from the dining room


view from the front door


view looking towards front door and dining room

To do:

  • sew curtains and make a roman blind
  • trim lamp shades
  • critically de-clutter and move things around as necessary
  • purchase antique globe
  • eventually put in an antique looking ceiling fan
  • have Josh organize his coin collection and put some of it on display

Any other thoughts or suggestions for me?


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10 Responses to Family Room Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the 3 armed lamp!

  2. Sandra says:

    The lamp looks better on that side of the couch, Ange! It is a very cozy room, and like you said, quite wintry, but that’s okay, especially since you guys have winter for so long! I can just imagine sipping hot chocolate reading a good book on your comfy couch 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Angie!

    It might be nice to change the colour of your walls! It would give your room a fresh, new look! Is it paint is wallpaper? It might be a lot of work if it’s wallpaper! I would help you if I could! 🙂

    Love, Marlies

  4. Lora says:

    Hi Ange,
    Love the new furniture arrangement and the lamp. I have made roman shades several times and could send you some good instructions. But i do think curtains would be nice with the square window as well. It would unify the two windows. However you need to have enough fabric…. It’s fun to see someone elses progress!

    • Thanks, Lora. And I’d appreciate those instructions. Regarding the curtains, I have three windows. I was going to do curtains on the two opposite sides and the Roman Shade on the middle square window. My thought was that the beams wouldn’t look good with a curtain rod right below it. Thoughts?

      • Lora says:

        I see your problem. Could the decorative thingies under the beams be cut smaller? I know Josh is going to love this inquiry 😉 Then you could mount your rods fairly high. I am assuming the beams are decorative. You might be able to remove the bottom bracket all together, or replace it with more squarish simple trim right under the beam.

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