And the Harvest Continues

I thought that things were winding down in our vegetable garden, but nope!

The beans have re-flowered, and a second crop is ready to be picked. I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull out my canning supplies again.



And the raspberry plants (Heritage variety) that we had despaired of in the Spring also have a second crop!  The patch is full of flowers, ripening berries, and buzzing bumblebees.  The berries also taste sweeter than the ones in the first small crop, which is a huge bonus!


DSC_5198 - Copy


And regarding the red squirrels that arrived this Spring and were possibly living in our attic, well, they’re no longer around due to our small rodent patrol:

DSC_5192 - Copy



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One Response to And the Harvest Continues

  1. Joanne says:

    you look all anne of green gableish here 🙂

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