French Onion Soup: I’m Now a Fan!

Before I dive into the delights of French onion soup, two things:

One: has anybody noticed how veggies from their garden seem sweeter now?  The beans that I’m still harvesting and the handfuls of raspberries that we’re still devouring are extra sweet and delicious!  I have a pet theory that the cold weather makes compounds in plants (who know which ones) break down more readily into sugar.  Sounds pretty good, eh?

Two: unlike the flowers I planted this past spring in my bicycle basket, my current plants are looking much better! The beautiful pansies are thriving and after this winter are supposed to bloom again next spring:

DSC_5216 DSC_5217

And now: French Onion Soup.  Josh has always loved it; I’ve never been that fond of it.  But after following COOK’S COOKING SCHOOL recipe, which took over four hours in the oven and on the stove (and topped with toasted baguette and smoked Gruyere cheese)….I’m a devoted fan! It’s rich, delicious, and full of deep flavor.  Perfect for fall!

DSC_5205 DSC_5208

What are your thoughts on French onion soup?

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10 Responses to French Onion Soup: I’m Now a Fan!

  1. Lora says:

    Please share the recipe…. Scott loves it too! Love the basket on the bike with the pansies.

  2. alice s. says:

    Our family LOVES French Onion Soup. Yes, share the recipe. Does it have apple cider in? That’s really good, too. There’s a restaurant in Holland that serves it that way and it’s fab!

  3. Ericka says:

    I am also curious of your recipe. I have been making it for a while as it is also my husband’s favourite. As with any soup it tastes better the more it stews. My trick is letting the soup bone brown in the oven overnight and a dash of brandy. And beschuit works really well on the top with the cheese.

  4. coletrain77 says:

    well, ange, post the recipe! mike loves french onion soup! love your pansies!! nic

  5. The recipe is coming….. 🙂

  6. Sandra says:

    French onion soup is the best! And I like it in all flavours, shapes and sizes 😉 For awhile there we were having it almost every Sunday. I cheat and don’t do anything fancy; just saute the onions with some garlic and add it to some beef bouillon and let it simmer for say 20 minutes. Then of course the bread and cheese on top – yummy!

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