The Little Engine that Could….Organize!

Sometimes I’m like the little engine that could. I start off slowly, keep going slowly, and finish slowly. At least, I hope I do eventually finish! You see, in 2014 I had the lofty goal to purge, organize, finish, and totally get control of our “stuff” from the attic to the basement, from the shed to the gardens.  Lofty goal! These are some areas that I concentrated on:

  • all the stuff stored in our extra room upstairs (boxes upon boxes of books, Josh’s coin collection, picture frames, extra decor, childhood memorabilia, etc)
  • bedroom closets and dressers (too many clothes and jewelry!)
  • kitchen cupboards (organizing them logically and getting rid of gadgets I don’t use)
  • downstairs room (full of old furniture, craft supplies, and stuff!)
  • laundry room
  • workbench area, paint supplies, and tool area

As 2015 dawned, I took stock of how I did and was mostly pleased. I did NOT make the lofty goal, yet I definitely made steps towards it. The redo of our basement room was a big job that we finished, and thus our books/toys/craft supplies/magazines got a permanent home. I dropped off many boxes of stuff to “Bibles for Missions” and recently went through every kitchen cupboard and reorganized it all.  I could describe a few more items that became (and then stayed!) organized, but perhaps some pictures would do a better job.

So here are a few little things that are looking great on the organizational front…..


I am so pleased with my “junk drawer”. Yes, it still looks like a junk drawer, but with a few organizational tools, it has stayed neat all year and it’s very easy to find the random items in there.


This is a new way to organize all the boxes of bags, parchment paper, aluminum foil, etc. that I used to have in a jumbled pile. I’m hoping that this will be the ticket to keeping it neat. How do you take care of yours?


This has been the BEST way to organize my earrings. It stays neat month after month and it’s so easy to find the different pairs.


We installed these shelves and bins in our basement this past summer and it works great to store the random items that were piling up!


Just a cheap wire rolling system has made a huge difference. Instead of my dryer being full of detergents and cleaning supplies, it’s now clean and looks more presentable.


This organizational system is kinda working, but does have its flaws. Putting similar tools in clear buckets that always remain open has kept them easily together and organized. The random bottles on the top still have to be dealt with.


Having a huge new chest freezer in itself is such a blessing for organization. I don’t have a system in using it, but just having the space means that I don’t have to empty half of it to find missing food items on the bottom. I love it!


  …..and here are a few others that need some help this year!


I need to find a solution to our game/china/table linens cupboard. My guess is that it’s just too stuffed.


No matter how many times I organize our shelf in our coat closet, it becomes a disaster again! Any tips on how you organize high shelves?


Josh’s coin collection: boxes, random bags, binders……I would love to see it all organized and put away (and some of it displayed).


The workbench. Sigh. I don’t have any solution for this one yet.

So, what works for you? Any suggestions for me?

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8 Responses to The Little Engine that Could….Organize!

  1. Nicole says:

    decorative crates or canvas bins work well for me on high shelves. They hide it and you can pull them down to look for what you need 🙂

    • That’s a simple solution but one that could very well work for my back closet. I’m thinking that it will be most effective if I can group “like” things together in a bin and slap a label on it. Thanks for the advice!

  2. coletrain77 says:

    Great job, Ange! Our garage and work bench becomes a disaster every couple of months, and then Mike does a huge clean up. It drives me nuts, but I don’t know what the solution is! I’m glad Mike cleans it up, but I don’t know why it always looks like a tornado ran through it. Me thinks it’s just too much STUFF! Here’s to a clean organized garage in the new house!

  3. Lora says:

    Hey Ange,
    Work benches get out of control because of the person who is in control. Ahem…. My guy is no better! I avoid the shop area of our garage. Not good for my blood pressure. Big rule i still need to be consistent about (and definitely the rest of our household needs to learn) is to always put stuff away when your done with it!

  4. Sandra says:

    You’re becoming a downright organizational queen! I love your earring system! The past several months I went through a ‘minimalist’ splurge and got rid of / sold all sorts of things. I’ll have to blog about it 🙂

  5. Hi ange,
    Love your organizational goals! Living out of boxes right now….but hopefully by the end of the year everything will be in place. How about a big peg board over the workbench with all those “ring” thingies and hooks to put all the different tools in place?
    Great job!
    I think us “Keunings” need things to be organized. Wouter could live in organized chaos no problem, but I need things to be put away in the right place.

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