Curtain Calamity

Quick comment before I launch into my dilemma: although I’d love to blog more, my work schedule and other commitments this year are not giving me a lot of free time to complete projects or to blog.  So I’ll try to be more faithful, but this blog might lie a little dormant until summer (and freedom!).  🙂

And now for my curtain calamity: I’ve been wanting curtains in my living room for quite some time.  When we moved in, these valances and blinds were left on the windows:



I quickly swapped the valences out for ones that I sewed:


It would be nice to get more light in this room (which faces mostly east and north), and so I thought that getting rid of the blinds and valences would make the windows seem bigger and let more light in.  And so I purchased material and lining, sewed away, and with the help of my parents, installed the first curtain rod and curtain.  Their comment, ahem, was that the curtain ROD looked nice.  My husband echoed their sentiments.  Hmmmmm…..  The consensus was that the curtain wasn’t wide enough for the window and looked a little pathetic.  Sob.

Now I don’t know what to do.  Ignore their advice, keep the curtain, and sew the other two curtains for the other windows? I have the same cream material already purchased (which was on clearance, is no longer carried, and is a pretty pattern) for the other curtains.  Or should I can the whole idea, don’t bother with sewing the other curtains, and just start saving up for professional curtains?

The curtain calamity:



The other double window that would get a curtain treatment from both sides:


Do share your opinion!

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3 Responses to Curtain Calamity

  1. Lora says:

    Ok Ange… Here is my honest answer. You need two panels on that small window. Each the size of the curtain you sewed. Add more pleats with more hooks and it will look lush. Even if the fabric hits the bookcaseit will look fine. Windows with two panels require each panel to be at a minimum 1x the width of the window, but preferably 1 1/2 times. Especially when you pleat them etc. The tab top curtains in the dining room of the Lincoln. Park house I made of that blue waverly plaid were 2 x the width. Very luxuriant… They hung well when closed. So that leaves you without fabric for the front window. I would search online to find more of the same fabric. Does the salvage edge have a name or company printed on it?

    Sorry Ange… Let you know if I get a brain wave.

  2. Esther says:

    I agree with Lora, 2 panels on the small window would look best.
    It will have a more completed look when open, and fuller when closed. I think the bigger window needs something across the top.. but I don’t have any suggestions 🙂

  3. Ugh, you are both right. Which means I need to figure out what to do……

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