Friendly Gaps

It’s easy to show you a lovely snapshot of our property and home. We truly do have:

beautiful flower gardens…




a picturesque veggie patch…



a furry, purry companion…

DSC_5893and a lovely view outside of our back door…



Ever since we moved to our home, we were not so thrilled with the view on either side of us…namely our neighbors (especially our first ones that have since moved). Their homes are not as well kept up. Landscaping is not as much of a priority, and they have hundreds of  *gasp* dandelions in their grass!  An old dump truck sits around year after year, rusting. The church next door is not a cute old fashioned stone building. It’s rather ugly. A huge post office garage fills our southern view. We don’t have a ton of outdoor privacy because of the church driveway that runs along our property. Yes, our “beautiful” deck view that I like to post about is not so beautiful if I swing my camera to the right or left.


DSC_5822 DSC_5820Our solution?  Block the view by planting evergreens!

Arborvitaes were placed along our deck:


Tiny 1 foot blue spruce whips were planted all along the other side of our property:

DSC_5829It’s definitely a long-term plan….this plan to block out the neighbors.  Sometimes we grumble about how slow the arborvitaes seem to be growing. We pound in fertilizer spikes and pull out the hose to water them. We measure the amazing growth in the blue spruce, exulting over every foot they grow.



I sit on my not-so-private deck, sipping my coffee. My neighbor, the pastor of the church, walks by, stopping for a moment to ask how I’m doing. A jogger with two dogs swings up the church driveway and lifts a hand in greeting as she puffs by. Minutes later, as I get back to my gardening, my other neighbor arrives back at her house. She pulls the groceries out of her trunk and calls over to me that it’s such a nice day. She says that our gardens look beautiful, and I smile and thank her.

Then a thought suddenly fills me: why the evergreens? Why block the “hello”, the pleasant wave, the friendly small chat? Isn’t this what being a neighbor is all about? No, I’m not thinking about cutting down the trees, but perhaps the gaps that still remain along our property edge need to remain just that: friendly gaps that leave room for neighborliness.

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8 Responses to Friendly Gaps

  1. Lora says:

    Yes, I think you need to keep some gaps! Neighbours are good to have and good to engage with. In some neighbourhoods, usually affluent, no one knows anyone, they all just cruise into their garages and that’s it. Kids don’t play outside, landscapers take care of the yard so no one sees anyone. No good I think. PS your yard is beautiful! It looks like the new neighbours to the right of your house are a little neater.

  2. Esther says:

    Having that balance is ideal 🙂 We love our private backyard, but when we want to talk to our neighbours, we’ve got an 8 ft fence (that you can’t see through) between us! Definitely cuts conversations short.

  3. True! Maybe a few trees in your hedge will die like ours 😉 That’s the spot to talk to the neighbours through 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice post Ange! I do really love your gardens and I envy your big yard….. so just think of my tiny one and enjoy yours!!! I do understand though…. you work so hard to make your place look nice and then it almost gets ruined by careless neighbours. Wish I could come down. XO Lies

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