Summertime = Cookingtime

Last summer, I took an online cooking class through America’s Test Kitchen.  And that was the beginning of my love for their recipes. I love how well they explain “why they do what they do” and what pitfalls to avoid.  I purchased a huge cookbook from them, and everything has turned out fabulous. I can’t copy their recipes onto my blog, but I can show you pictures of the results! Here are two recipes that I recently made:

olive oil + garlic + crusty french bread + water + salt + Parmesan cheese =

the most delicious croutons you will ever eat!

(…it’s hard to save them for the actual salad)


fresh pasta + heavy cream + butter + salt + pepper + Parmesan cheese + nutmeg =

delicious Fettuccine Alfredo


locally made portabella fettuccine


a slightly unbalanced meal……but oh so delicious!

And now that school’s out, I can’t wait to get to some more serious cooking! 🙂

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