New Use for an Old Picture

It’s amazing what one little change can trigger.  A few months ago, I had to replace our comforter in our bedroom.  By the simple act of purchasing a new one, I was suddenly thrust into painting the walls (and ceiling), buying and thrifting new accessories, refinishing our nightstands and dresser, and decluttering!  I’m nearing the finish line and will have some “before and afters” within the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick project from my this bedroom overhaul that I completed a few weeks ago.

I purchased this picture from a thrift store (I was interested in the frame):


I then got rid of the print and used the metal staples on the back of the frame to thread twine back and forth down the whole frame:


Here’s a close-up:


 I purchased mini clothes pins from Hobby Lobby and gold-leafed the front of them:



I strung them in a random pattern on the twine:


At this point you can add whatever items you’d like to display (old photos, quotes, notes, etc).

I clipped on notes/cards from the two of us to each other:



And a final contrast:


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2 Responses to New Use for an Old Picture

  1. Very cute and very clever, Ange! I understand the decorating domino effect! I am fighting it in my livingroom right now 😉

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