Morning Glories

8 o’clock is a perfect time. The summer heat is held back a little by the cooler night temperatures, the air is filled with the morning calls of birds squabbling at the feeders, and the sun is slowly climbing and shining its golden rays on one of our best plantings this year…..morning glories! Because we had way too many pole beans last year, this year we decided to plant beans only on the west side of the garden trellis, which left the eastern side for snow peas which, after they were finished producing, were replaced by morning glories.

Am I ever glad we did that!

DSC_6208 DSC_6213 DSC_6214 DSC_6215 DSC_6217

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2 Responses to Morning Glories

  1. Gorgeous, Ange! One of the most well-named flowers, don’t you think?

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