Do You Have Sugru?

(This is not a paid endorsement. I just love this product, haha.)

Have you ever been frustrated when something broke and your only option was to trash it? Enter Sugru, a product I first heard about on another blog. Lickety-split, I hopped over to their website and ordered a free sample. It’s basically a mouldable glue that hardens into rubber. It has a ton of uses and can withstand extreme temperatures.

When I received the small sample packet in the mail, my husband was naturally intrigued and had to help me out. We went to work with the Sugru and fixed three “unfixable” items:

The tea kettle:


The glass window on this side is completely normal.


On this side, the glass window was leaking water whenever we used it, and we always had to wipe up a puddle after making tea. I rolled the gray Sugru into a very small strip and then pressed it into the crack around the window.  We’ve used the kettle over ten times since the fix, and so far the water has not been leaking.  Success!

The vacuum wheel:


The front vacuum wheel encasement completely snapped off the vacuum. Because it is a spinning/rotating wheel, we couldn’t just glue the black encasement back on because then the vacuum wouldn’t be able to turn corners. So I moulded a thin piece of sugru through the hole in the middle, and then made an end cap, making sure that the sugru didn’t stick to the black encasement.  Once the sugru had hardened, the wheel could once more spin.  I haven’t used this vacuum much since the fix because it’s more of a spare one for the cars, basement, etc……but so far, success!


The freezer handle:


The bottom of the freezer handle snapped off, and so we tried to fix it with the sugru. As soon as it dried, we realized that it might not work because the joint seems quite weak and wobbly. But so far it’s holding up and hasn’t snapped off again. So we’ll have to see if this is a success or not.

So the next time you feel the need to trash something because there’s no way to get a replacement part, check out Sugru and see if you can’t mould a little somethin’.


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4 Responses to Do You Have Sugru?

  1. nancynurse86 says:

    Cool beans! I’m intrigued. You just used the free sample right? So will you order/buy some?

  2. Joanne says:

    Nice, Ange! It’s so great to fix things that you’d otherwise throw out.

  3. Lora says:

    I remember seeing an ad for this and promptly forgot it. Glad to see it works and thanks for the reminder. I can see using it for sure.

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