Jumping on a Trend: Pallet Wood Sign

I know that rustic signs made of pallet wood are a popular trend right now and that in a couple of years they might be “out”.  But I like them (when they are meaningful and used sparingly) and they match my style of decorating, so I jumped on the bandwagon.  I had a big empty space above my bed which I didn’t know how to fill and the idea of a sign was appealing.  When browsing items at a school sale recently, I happened to see an unfinished pallet wood sign made by Mr. Kamp, already put together and ready to be painted:


 Our wedding text was from Ruth, which is where I got my inspiration:


I stained the wood, free-handed the lettering with gold paint, and clear coated the whole thing. You can tell that I didn’t use a stencil, but oh well….



And yes, I redid most of our bedroom in the last year.  I’ll have to show some of the projects involved!

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4 Responses to Jumping on a Trend: Pallet Wood Sign

  1. Ange, that is so neat! And it does look stencilled! Makes me want to come visit 🙂

  2. Lora says:

    Looks great Ange! Nice job on the lettering. Hey you guys moved your bedroom? No more 4 poster bed?

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