Spring is officially three days away, but this year its pronouncement on the calendar is little more than stating the obvious. We’ve already had many days of frosty nights, cool mornings, and warm afternoons….all heralding Spring. The crocuses have popped up overnight, their brilliant purple, orange, and white blooms cheering our front garden. As I leave for work under the dark morning sky, bird melodies burst out from the trees around me, and I know that Winter has passed. And yet, the most exciting sign this Spring is the shoots of green pushing through the dark earth. Meet Belarus Purple Stripe, Chesnok Red, and Music (garlic that we planted late last fall). Each variety has its own profile, and I’m excited to try them all!



“My final, considered judgment is that garlic

blesses and ennobles everything it touches –

with the possible exception of ice cream and pie.”

-Angelo Pellegrini

I agree!  🙂

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