Update on Grocery Shopping Binder

I put together a grocery shopping binder near the end of January and promised I would let you know how it’s working out. Well, it’s five months later and here’s my verdict in one word: excellent!


I use it almost every week, and on the weeks that I don’t, I pay for it.  For example, yesterday I went to the grocery store three times for items I forgot! Three times! When I use my binder, I never find myself making a quick run to the store.

The positives are still there:

  1. It’s easy to organize and actually use coupons.
  2. It saves me a lot of time.
  3. It’s quite easy to upkeep and I’ve never had trouble with it getting disorganized.

The negatives are still there too, haha:

  1. I still have to meal plan.
  2. I still have to clip coupons.
  3. I still have to keep it up, although the work is minimal.
  4. Using expo markers is still the best choice, in my opinion, but it does require erasing your items with water and paper towel, which isn’t a big deal but still a little annoying.

After reviewing my binder, I made a few tweaks to make it even better:


I changed the order of some of the categories down the right side of the page to better fit how I shop at Meijers. I also added two columns at the top titled NOW! and SOMETIME! For the “NOW!” column, I list the items I need to purchase this week. For the “SOMETIME!” column, I list items that I’ll need in the coming weeks, so I can keep an eye on sales.


I once again changed the order of the categories on the left side. I also made three columns at the top titled “exp. date”, “items”, and “amount”. In this way, I can see at a glance all the expiration dates as well as the amount of the coupon. 

If you want to make a similar binder, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Use expo markers for all of your labels for the first few months so that you can change things around. Now that I’ve used the binder for almost half a year, I switched my titles to permanent marker so that they won’t erase with the other things that I want to erase.
  2. Take your expo marker with when grocery shopping and cross off the items as you purchase them.
  3. After putting your groceries away, take a moment to erase any items that you purchased from your grocery list and online coupon list (if you have one). This will start you off with a clean slate for the coming week.
  4. When you sit down to meal plan, flip through your coupons and take note of which items you might be able to use.  Also, fill in your shopping list as you look through your recipes.
  5. Just before grocery shopping, quickly glance through your coupons and pull out any that have expired.
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2 Responses to Update on Grocery Shopping Binder

  1. Marlies says:

    Wow ange!!! You are amazing! I love the things you do!!!!

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