Garlic, Hornworms, and Baby Birds

Harvesting in the garden……


In mid-July, we dug up our mature garlic



Sometime you gotta improvise when you don’t have a proper drying rack


3 kinds of garlic: Chesnok Red, Music, Belarus Purple Stripe


Trouble in the vegetable garden….


You know you’re in trouble when a bunch of your tomato branches have been stripped of leaves! Time to start looking for….


….a tomato hornworm! These huge (4-5 inch) green caterpillar-like creatures have massive appetites and can do a lot of damage! They are very hard to spot and it can take quite some time to find them. Can you see it?


Look at its massive mouth!


Josh spotted a tiny one, which was great because it hadn’t had much time to consume our plants!


Second batch of house sparrows…


It’s so cute to hear their little cheeps as I walk by the birdhouse!

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2 Responses to Garlic, Hornworms, and Baby Birds

  1. nancynurse86 says:

    I can’t believe how big those worms are!! How do you kill them? Do you or do you get Josh to do the dirty work? 😛

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