Desk Makeover

This desk makeover is special. After my mom immigrated to Canada at the age of 19, this was the first piece of furniture that she bought with her hard-earned money. Since its purchase, many people in our family have used the desk over the years. My dad added the leaf on the left when my mom used it as a sewing desk. But recently it’s been relegated to a humbler use: stuck in my parents’ basement storage room, basically used as a surface to collect stuff on. I wanted a solid small desk and so it was time to let it shine again! After some stripping, sanding, staining, and painting, it’s now back to its rightful use: a functional desk.





My favorite feature is the little ledge that pulls out: perfect for coffee time!


The only final touch that I have to work on is what to put the printer on next to the computer. It’s a huge printer, but it was free and has served us very well!

Right now it’s on a file cabinet:


The file cabinet is cute but I don’t use it anymore. Ever since I’ve read about Alejandra’s method of using binders to store information, I find it so much easier than files and I don’t use files anymore. So I’m thinking of purchasing some kind of industrial looking cart to put the printer on (and maybe store paper, etc).  If we ever get a wireless printer I won’t have to store it next to the computer desk, but for now we do.

I was thinking of something like this:

Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Desk Makeover

  1. Ray says:

    Nice refinishing job, Ange! Mom used to spend hours behind that desk. She sewed me a complete Sunday suit once!

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