Lilac Jelly

On our property, Spring rushes in with an array of sweet smells (hyacinths, lilacs, lily-of-the-valleys, and viburnum) as well as more pungent smells (wild onion, freshly mown grass, and natural wood chips). I love them all.

Lilacs, however, hold a special place in my heart. I have childhood memories of pulling over in our car and cutting some branches of wild lilacs to fill our home with their sweet smell. On our current property, we’ve planted a hedge of different varieties of lilacs, and every year it only gets better.

This Spring, I decided to try something new in order to savor the fleeting lilac season:

lilac jelly


 I’m not going to give you a recipe because there are many recipes online that are all very similar. The general gist is that you steep the lilac blossoms (without any leaves or stems) in water and make a jelly out of the resulting lilac “tea”.


We used white and purple lilacs. The white ones are more fragrant and I thought that they might make a better jelly.


Josh was willing to help me with the somewhat tedious job of pulling off the individual blossoms. Two cups is a lot when each blossom is tiny!  🙂


Honest verdict? Unique and delicious!

It’s a light, sweet jam with a pronounced floral note….  I’m picturing it served on warm-from-the-oven scones or else smeared on some brie cheese and a crusty baguette.  Mmmmmm! For now, though, I’m debating whether or not to make a second batch…and also whether or not I want to make sugared lilac blossoms.  🙂

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2 Responses to Lilac Jelly

  1. Me On Focus says:

    Looks delicious and the colour of the jelly is beautiful… I didn’t know we could make jelly from lilacs… thanks for sharing 😀

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