Bedroom #3 Window Treatment

For over seven years, ugly metal blinds with too long strings hung in the bedroom:


I had a few requirements for a new window treatment:

  • Not too much money since it would be somewhat temporary
  • Room-darkening for our guests
  • More feminine, seeing that the carpet and walls are blue, but I want a gender-neutral room

So I used a white curtain rod that I had taken down from our master bedroom, washed and ironed some white curtains that my sister had given years ago (and I had forgotten about, haha), found some old tie backs in my basement, and purchased a cheap(ish) room-darkening roller blind (with no nasty strings).


It’s also a room with one of the best views: our red barn and beautiful backyard that Josh works so hard on.  🙂


Today we’re finishing the bunk bed and I’m pulling together some decor items. Guests are coming next week, so the pressure’s on!

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2 Responses to Bedroom #3 Window Treatment

  1. Looking great, Ange! Amazing how impending guests motivates 😃 (for me, at least!)

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