Cherry Adventure

Last night, Josh and I took our usual walk around our neighborhood. While strolling down one of the streets, we suddenly noticed…..

a cherry tree!


The tree was loaded with cherries, and popping one into our mouths, we quickly realized that they were sour cherries (the kind used for pies, cheesecake, and other yummy goodies!)


We continued our walk, but looping back, we passed the tree again. A thought entered both of our minds: “Let’s ask the owner if we can pick them!”  The tree was between two houses, and so we didn’t know which home it belonged to.  It was also 9:30 pm, and we didn’t want to be rude knocking on someone’s door at that hour.

Just then, the front door of one of the houses opened, and an old man tottered out. He was getting something from his porch, and Josh raced up the driveway behind him. After an extra-loud neighborly chat (he was hard-of-hearing), the verdict was that the tree belonged to him, and yes, we could pick as many cherries as we wanted!!!

So this morning before 7:00, Josh and I drove over with a ladder and picked away.



Unfortunately, many of the cherries were already over-ripe or rotten, but we still managed to pick a fair amount.  And next year…..we’ll just have to come a little earlier.  🙂




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2 Responses to Cherry Adventure

  1. Diane VanderZand says:

    Why does this not surprise me at all! You guys are awesome.

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