A Deck with a View

Our house came with a large deck that is perfect for dining alfresco or hanging out on when the summer heat kicks in. Mom and Dad, we play Quiddler on it at night.  🙂 Because it’s behind the house, it has the best view of our backyard. The only thing hindering the view was what I considered “extraneous” railings. So one day I just took out a hammer, crowbar, and screw driver and knocked it off. Josh was quite shocked pleased when he came home from work and saw the new improvement. But the deck now flows better to the yard, and the extra room on the steps is perfect for nieces and nephews to plunk down on while they eat a snack.

Before:  DSC_6206










A deck with a view:


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4 Responses to A Deck with a View

  1. Lovely, Ange! A definite improvement 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent idea! The back of your house is darling!

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