Bathroom Refresh

Believe it or not, in the 8 years we’ve lived in our house, I haven’t done a thing to our bathroom (besides cleaning it). I haven’t painted it, the flooring has stayed the same, and we’ve used the three existing cabinets and towel bar set. The bathroom was perfectly acceptable when we moved in, and so it remained a low priority on the to-do list.

But recently I’ve been getting the urge to freshen it up. The problem was that we’re planning on doing a bigger renovation in a year or two which would involve this bathroom, and so there was no point in spending too much time or money on something that would eventually be changing. And so I had to prioritize.

What I would keep (even though they weren’t my favorite):

  • the flooring- peel and stick vinyl that is starting to pull apart
  • the bathroom vanity- lots of room for storage
  • the mirror/medicine cabinet- also good for storage
  • shower curtain rod- straight (I eventually want a curved one)
  • towel bar set- white and chrome

What I would change (and wouldn’t cost too much money):

  • paint the ceiling white
  • paint the walls cream
  • move the towel bar set to better locations
  • get a smaller hamper
  • remove the one wall cabinet and replace it with an open shelf from IKEA
  • paint the bathroom vanity and replace the knobs to match the chrome
  • replace the shower curtain rings to match the chrome

Here is the before:


A warm beige not only covered the walls, but also the ceiling. I painted the ceiling white, and I decided to stay neutral on the walls, painting them a lighter and cooler shade of cream called Pebble Rock.

Here’s a contrast of the old warm beige and the new cream:


The new cream is the color along the edge of the ceiling and corner.


I wanted to add a pop of color on the vanity. The vanity cabinet was white, and although it looked fresh, the cream faux marble top looked dingy against it.


I wanted to paint the base a color that would make the faux marble stand out and look more intentional. Seeing that I’m not afraid of color, I went for a bold, jewel-toned greenish blue:


Which looked terrible! I tried to convince myself that it was okay, but it wasn’t. And so I made another paint run, this time getting the color right: a muted grayish blue:



Here is the final before and after to my small bathroom “refresh.”



Changes: hand towel on the left wall, toilet paper holder on the cabinet, vanity painted with new chrome knobs, a shelf instead of the wall cabinet.


Change: I hung the plant in the actual window frame.


Change: I took the top towel ring and put it by the vanity.


Change: smaller hamper and new chrome shower curtain rings (instead of yellowing plastic ones)


And some final close-ups:




We got these shells and sea glass from all over the world: New Zealand, North Carolina, PEI, and New Jersey



my air plant that I’m surprisingly keeping alive, and a shell night-light my sister made





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5 Responses to Bathroom Refresh

  1. Lora says:

    Super cute Ange. I love the changes! Aren’t you glad yo were willing to admit the first color didn’t work? Anyway it loos lovely and fresh. You may have inspired me to paint our main bathroo which has just been primed white for like the past 5 yrs!

  2. Nice Ange! Like the wall paint colour. Looks a little cooler and fresher! And everything looks less cluttered.

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