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Grilled Pears

I love grilling during the summer months! I mostly stick to meats and vegetables, but I have recently rediscovered the deliciousness of grilled fruit. Besides, after grilling your main course, how easy is it to pop some dessert on the … Continue reading

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Wildflower Walk

Barney knew the woods as a book and he taught their lore and craft to Valancy. Valancy learned the different fairy-likenesses of the mosses–the charm and exquisiteness of woodland blossoms. She learned to know every bird at sight and mimic … Continue reading

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Bathroom Refresh

Believe it or not, in the 8 years we’ve lived in our house, I haven’t done a thing to our bathroom (besides cleaning it). I haven’t painted it, the flooring has stayed the same, and we’ve used the three existing cabinets and … Continue reading

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The tulips have been gorgeous this year! We noticed the deer nibbling on them when they just started coming up, and so we consistently sprayed them and they actually made it! The crab apple tree is also about to fully … Continue reading

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Mortar and Pestle

I’m trying to curb my love for kitchen gadgets. But something that’s been used for thousands of years can’t be considered a kitchen gadget, right? It’s primitive, historic, and a totally essential tool (at least that’s what I keep telling … Continue reading

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Mango Mint Salsa

Cooks Illustrated (or America’s Test Kitchen) puts out my favorite recipes. Their Mango Mint Salsa is no exception. Their recipe calls for serving it alongside salmon, but I decided to pair it with walleye, seeing that we received a bunch of it … Continue reading

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Bullet Journal

Ever struggle with having a ton of different lists (each focusing on different categories of your life) scattered over your desktop, phone, desk drawers, nightstand, etc? Enter the bullet journal. I have found that it: puts all my lists and ideas … Continue reading

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