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Lilac Jelly

On our property, Spring rushes in with an array of sweet smells (hyacinths, lilacs, lily-of-the-valleys, and viburnum) as well as more pungent smells (wild onion, freshly mown grass, and natural wood chips). I love them all. Lilacs, however, hold a … Continue reading

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When Color Panic Sets In

Our red barn doors were sagging, they didn’t close properly (a cinder block held them shut), they weighed a ton, they were starting to rot, and a broken board at the bottom served as a cat entrance. It was time … Continue reading

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1/2 Hour Easy Travel Pillow

With about 45 hours of sitting in the car ahead of me, what did I do an hour before we left? Whip up two travel pillows, of course. I cringed when I told Josh that I was going to make … Continue reading

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Found: A Printer Table (with a quick makeover)

In my last post, I showed the computer desk that I had refinished and then talked about getting some kind of printer table to put next to it. I wanted something that would contrast with the desk (not something wood … Continue reading

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Desk Makeover

This desk makeover is special. After my mom immigrated to Canada at the age of 19, this was the first piece of furniture that she bought with her hard-earned money. Since its purchase, many people in our family have used … Continue reading

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Garlic, Hornworms, and Baby Birds

Harvesting in the garden……   Trouble in the vegetable garden….   Second batch of house sparrows… It’s so cute to hear their little cheeps as I walk by the birdhouse!

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Homemade Ricotta: Couldn’t Be Easier!

What a delicious problem to have: too much raw milk. We were getting raw milk from a local farmer for about five months (which has since been cancelled due to our overreaching Michigan bureaucracy) and although we couldn’t seem to … Continue reading

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