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Oma’s Lace

This piece of lace stretched across my picture window. It’s intricate. It’s delicate. It’s handmade. I look at it and questions flood my mind. When did my Oma make this? Was she a busy young mother, snatching in some moments … Continue reading

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1/2 Hour Easy Travel Pillow

With about 45 hours of sitting in the car ahead of me, what did I do an hour before we left? Whip up two travel pillows, of course. I cringed when I told Josh that I was going to make … Continue reading

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Update on Grocery Shopping Binder

I put together a grocery shopping binder near the end of January and promised I would let you know how it’s working out. Well, it’s five months later and here’s my verdict in one word: excellent! I use it almost … Continue reading

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Do You Have Sugru?

(This is not a paid endorsement. I just love this product, haha.) Have you ever been frustrated when something broke and your only option was to trash it? Enter Sugru, a product I first heard about on another blog. Lickety-split, … Continue reading

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Turdus Migratorius

Any wonder our bird bath needs replenishing every day?    

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Still in progress but almost there….

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for our basement craft/exercise room….. Here’s two “before” pictures: (not much exercising or crafting is happening in this mess!)   Step one: get things cleaned up! Step two: install carpet and … Continue reading

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Interview With Codi

Hi.  My name is Codi.  My middle name is Sue, just to clarify that I am indeed a girl, actually a middle aged female if we want to be precise.  Seeing that this is an interview, I’ll try to be … Continue reading

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