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Homemade Ricotta: Couldn’t Be Easier!

What a delicious problem to have: too much raw milk. We were getting raw milk from a local farmer for about five months (which has since been cancelled due to our overreaching Michigan bureaucracy) and although we couldn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Perspiration Pays Off

Gardening requires lots of water — most of it in the form of perspiration. But Josh loves to garden, and I love cooking with fresh-picked vegetables, and so we gladly perspire (most days). 2012: today: Yes, we still have more … Continue reading

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Update on Grocery Shopping Binder

I put together a grocery shopping binder near the end of January and promised I would let you know how it’s working out. Well, it’s five months later and here’s my verdict in one word: excellent! I use it almost … Continue reading

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A Side-Benefit of Summer Break: Good Lunches

Summer break has arrived, and with it a renewed dedication to my blog (I hope).  I have so many topics and ideas that I can blog about (decor, gardening, recipes, life), it’s almost overwhelming! But I’ll take it one day … Continue reading

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